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  • AHA CPR Renewal in Milwaukee
    Recertification Standards per the American Heart Association in Wisconsin View our calendar of available certification and recertification CPR courses in Milwaukee. Se Habla Español. Healthl...
  • How to Become a CPR Instructor in Wisconsin
    Get certified by the AHA to teach training classes We now offer "train the trainer" courses, see below. Contact Healthline First Aid. Really, this is the most important step you need to ta...
  • Are Online CPR Certifications Legit?
    Online CPR Certifications The moment that the world wide web became accessible to average families, lives began to change. The days where Encyclopedia Britannica salesmen would drive house to house, ...
  • Sheriff Performs Infant CPR in Milwaukee
    Friends and clients of Healthline First Aid have heard time and time again how important taking a CPR class can be. No one ever knows when the time will come that the skills they learned will need to ...
  • Healthline's Fox 6 Real Milwaukee CPR Segment
    Healthline First Aid had an opportunity to do a five minute health segment on the Fox 6 Real Milwaukee program this week. Five minutes is not enough time to talk about how important CPR is or the chan...
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Contact Healthline First Aid to receive more information or arrange your First Aid, AED, or CPR class by calling 414-282-4532 or filling out the form below. If you have questions about class sizes, our class offerings, available instructors, hours of operation, or if CPR classes in Milwaukee are inconvenient for your group, simply contact us. Healthline First Aid travels throughout Southeastern Wisconsin to offer training. We offer the information and support you need to put your CPR Certification or renewal/recertification to work.

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Why the change?

The AHA states that in the A-B-C sequence, chest compressions are often delayed while opening the airway, retrieving a barrier device, or gathering equipment. By changing the CPR sequence, chest compressions will be initiated sooner with a minimal delay in ventilations.