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First things first: let's meet the CPR training instructors!

Andy Berger is the Owner/Training Site Coordinator of Healthline First Aid.  He studied accounting at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, graduated with his Associate's Degree in Applied Science-Paramedic Technician from WCTC, and is pursuing his degree in nursing. Andy is an administrator as well as a Critical Care Paramedic for a private ambulance service and worked part-time as a Firefighter/Paramedic for a municipal fire department. Prior to his work in healthcare, Andy also spent time working with special needs children, primarily autistic children.

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Introductions: check. Here's the "who" in Milwaukee CPR certification classes:

On the home page, you read briefly about the groups that Healthline First Aid works with but let's expand on that a little more. When we say that ANYONE and EVERYONE should take first aid, CPR, and AED classes, were we exaggerating a little? Of course. But we say it to emphasize how important training is. We understand that your young children won't be taking a class through us, but we have taught groups of families and friends and had the children watch. This gets the children involved and helps them expand on the idea of calling for help if they see an emergency.  

Young adults have a number of reasons to take classes also. At this point in their young life, young adults are working as babysitters or taking their first job. If they are old enough to watch children or be in the workforce, aren't they old enough to learn first aid and CPR?  

The groups that Healthline First Aid works with are quite diverse. Some of these groups include:

  • Families and friends
  • Churches
  • School staff
  • High schools wanted to offer classes to their student body
  • Sports groups
  • Daycares
  • Boys and girls clubs
  • Business/Factory workers
  • Healthcare groups including EMS, CNAs, nurses, doctors, etc.

Why do we do so much work with groups? Getting groups together is a great way to save money, whether you are paying for the Milwaukee CPR classes yourself or an employer is covering some or all of the cost. No group? No worries. Healthline First Aid has the best training for great prices. Renewal and recertification courses are available at our Milwaukee and Fort Atkinson locations.

Be a hero and protect your loved ones: contact Healthline First Aid Milwaukee today!

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View our full course calendar for more information about scheduled CPR Classes in Milwaukee. On site courses for groups 5 or more are available. Or, contact Healthline First Aid today for Milwaukee CPR Classes.

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