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Keep current on the latest in CPR classes with these great videos. Watch and share to keep everyone you know informed! Immediate CPR assistance can triple a victim’s chances of survival, which is why it’s so important to become a certified life saver with Healthline First Aid. We offer these videos to help you further your knowledge and training, and to further awareness of the importance of CPR Certification Milwaukee. It’s important to know the facts on how you can help – everything from recognizing the signs of cardiac arrest to knowing how to help the affected person is life-saving information. When you take a Healthline First Aid CPR class in Milwaukee, we give you the information, training, and support you need to have the confidence necessary to put your CPR classes in Milwaukee to work!

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Milwaukee CPR Emergency Response for untrained bystanders:

Why hands only CPR? Milwaukee CPR classes are the best way to learn how to properly provide emergency first aid, but not everyone has been taught professional quality CPR yet. As defined by the American Heart Association's new CPR training guidelines, Hands only CPR is a great option for untrained bystanders because there’s a good chance it saves a life. Enroll in a Milwaukee CPR training course to enable yourself to provide a more effective first response, but in the meantime, know ANY response is better than NO response.

Wisconsin CPR Certification Temporary Alternative

If you ever see an adult collapse suddenly, call 911 immediately or have someone else do it. In large groups, it’s important to assign a specific person to the task or each member of the group may expect someone else to make the call.  Position yourself directly over top of the victim. Place the palm of one hand over the palm of your chest, then place the other hand on top of the first. Simply PUSH HARD AND FAST on the chest.  You're trying to push on the chest at a rate of about 100 beats per minute.  See the video for an approximate tempo. Hopefully, you'll never have to use your Milwaukee CPR training, but if you see an adult suddenly collapse don't be afraid to try it.  Hands Only CPR should only be used when you witness and ADULT suddenly collapsed and become unresponsive.

Save a life.  Enroll in a Milwaukee CPR class.  Contact a Wisconsin CPR training instructor today: 414-915-0702. We offer CPR training in Spanish.