Fire Department CPR Training For Firefighters

When firefighters work to control and extinguish a fire, safety and teamwork are essential. This need for safety and teamwork extends to CPR situations too, considering EMS calls are more frequent than fires. This means that whether someone is looking to be a career firefighter in Racine or serve their local community as a volunteer in Waukesha-- learning CPR will be required. 

Choose HLFirstAid for group fire department CPR training or visit our contact page for personal firefighter guidance.

As a firefighter in Wisconsin, you'll have an active role in saving lives. Most often, paramedics are the primary care providers when CPR is needed, but the other firefighters on the scene help with CPR. CPR and basic airway management will be delegated to firefighters as the paramedics prepare for more advanced care. To help in these situations, all Milwaukee firefighters are required to have Milwaukee Fire Department CPR training.

Healthline First Aid promises to provide the best CPR class for firefighters in Wisconsin.  Call 414-282-4532 to schedule your class!

You could save a life!

View our full course calendar for more information about scheduled CPR Classes in Milwaukee. On site courses for groups 5 or more are available. Or, contact Healthline First Aid today for Milwaukee CPR Classes.

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