Milwaukee CPR Class Photo Gallery | First Aid and AED Certification

Curious to see what Healthline First Aid CPR classes are like? Here you can check out photos from our CPR classes in Milwaukee and across the greater Wisconsin Area. These class photos of hands-on training are a great representation of the learning taking place during every Milwaukee CPR class. Milwaukee CPR class sizes vary from individual classes to small groups, to large groups of organizations and businesses seeking training for employees. Healthline First Aid gives you the information, training, and support you need to put your CPR Milwaukee classes to work.

Varying class sizes, expert instructors, and current information are just a few aspects of what makes Healthline First Aid the premier First Aid, CPR, and AED experts in the Milwaukee Area. Healthline First Aid has several CPR training Milwaukee locations. We are happy to travel within the greater Wisconsin area to provide you or your organization with First Aid, AED, and CPR classes.

Contact Milwaukee CPR training instructors from Healthline First Aid at 414-282-4532 to make arrangements to become a certified life saver today.

Our medical experienced instructors travel throughout Wisconsin to various medical facilities. We provide you with the proper knowledge and techniques to save someone’s life. Get your certification to work in a medical facility or just learn how to properly administer CPR.

Watertown Hospitals

125 Hospital Drive Watertown WI USA 53098
Aurora Wilkinson Medical Clinic
1532 Utah Street Watertown WI USA 53094
Watertown CBRFs
Highland House Watertown
125A Hospital Drive Watertown WI USA 53098
Doherty Home
N7855 Little Coffee Road Watertown WI USA 53094
Oakwood Care Center
512 South 5th Streeet Watertown WI USA 53094
1301 East Main Street Watertown WI USA 53094
Bethesda Lutheran
600 Hoffmann Drive Watertown WI USA 53094